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Dear Patients,

We have missed you greatly, and are pleased to announce that we are open again for all treatment.

For your information:

To ensure our staff and our patients safety, we have upgraded the HVAC filtration systems that were already in place, and have installed Ultraviolet and Electrostatic filtration throughout the office. We have ordered medical grade low voltage plasma air filtration units (Novoaerus) for each dental operatory, to complement our Surgically Clean Air cascade unit. We also have air suction devices at your shoulder level to reduce any aerosols, and our Hygienists will be using new high-volume suction devices. This was all done to reduce the amount of aerosols generated in our space.

The office also looks a little different. As the waiting area is temporarily closed, we ask patients to wave at us through the door upon arrival, and we will signal you to come in. When you enter the office, we ask that you use hand sanitizer or wash your hands. If you do not have your own mask, we will provide you with one to wear into and out of the office. Each patient will be given a hydrogen peroxide rinse for 30 seconds in order to reduce bacterial and viral load before treatment. Our staff will be wearing disposable gowns, N95 face masks, hair coverings, face shields and gloves, so it will be a bit difficult to see our faces for the time being, but we are under there!

See the links attached to view some of the equipment we’ve installed:

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1- Take appropriate actions to protect your patients and staff and mitigate the risk of airborne transmission. 2- Everyday activities such as sneezing, coughing or talking can release droplets containing viral particles into the air. 3- While droplets remain in the air for a short time and drop on surfaces to infect them, micro-droplets / aerosols remain in the air for a longer period of time. 4- Coronaviruses’ are very small particles (0.06μm – 0.14um particles size). Unfortunately, HEPA filters do not trap particles smaller than 0.30um and thus do not provide adequate protection against Coronaviruses. 5- Novaerus works 24/7 to clean the air by using novel Air Plasma technology. Its patented technology destroys the genetic material of microorganisms (fungi, pollen, bacteria, viruses such as coronaviruses, moulds, VOCs & odors). 6- Airborne pathogens are destroyed on contact eradicating 99.99% of micro-organisms entering its field. 7- If you’re not treating the air, you do not have complete and sufficient infection control protocol. 8- Ensure your staff feels confident about the improved safety of your establishment. FertiTech Canada Inc. is licensed by Health Canada to distribute medical products. Contact us (514) 507-9656. Visit our website at www.fertitechcanda.com #coronavirus #covid19 #fertitech #novaerus #canada #healthcareprofessionals #airbornetransmission #medicalcenter #dentistclinic #hepafilters

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We hope you are keeping healthy and safe, take care!

Dr. Ann Sahota




  1. Our waiting room is closed
  2. Plexiglass was installed at the reception desk 
  3. Hand-sanitizer stations are set up 
  4. High-touch surface areas sprayed with microbe-shield daily
  5. One patient in the waiting area at a time
  6. Patients’ appointments are lengthened and staggered to avoid overlap
  7. Fogging of rooms is performed periodically throughout the day
  8. UVC bulbs were installed inside and outside of the office 
  9. High-volume suction was installed in hygiene operatories
  10. Air vacuums were installed in dental operatories
  11. Hand scaling instead of ultrasonic instrumentation when possbile to limit aerosoles
  12. No polishing when possible to limit aerosoles
  13. Adequate PPE provided to staff (gowns, face shields, appropriate masks, etc.)
  14. Our bathroom is closed to patients with pre-warning
  15. Symptom check for our staff is completed daily
  16. Reception area wiped periodically throughout the day
  17. Clipboards/pens for patient use are wiped per use
  18. Our pin pad is wiped per use
  19. Hand hygiene policy in place for staff
  20. Patients fill out screening forms prior to appointments 
  21. Patients’ temperatures are taken upon arrival 
  22. Each patient will be given a mask to wear in and out of the office
  23. Staff will verbalize sumptom checklist with patients
  24. Patients will rinse with peroxide rinse before treatmet
  25. Patients supplied with bibs and eye-protection as usual